About Nu Sensuelle

Nu Sensuelle creates innovative, effective products using one-of-a-kind designs and cutting-edge engineering to empower with power and infuse a spirit of adventure into the lives of each and every user. 

Barry Brinberg and Thao Luu-Brinberg founded Nu Sensuelle’s parent company, Novel Creations, in Australia in 2009. And though Nu Sensuelle was not the first brand they developed, it is the one that best embodies the spirit of adventure that guides them both.

The couple began designing adult toys in 2010, eventually launching Nu Sensuelle two years later. In 2012, Barry and Thao began promoting Nu Sensuelle products by hand – literally driving from store to store across Australia. They were new to pleasure products, but they knew there was a space in the market for the types of well-engineered, high-quality, high power products they were offering. By 2014, Nu Sensuelle had relocated to the United States, and their offerings were beginning to win top accolades from leading industry organizations.  

Today, Nu Sensuelle offers a wide range of pleasure products including variable forms of bullets, vibrators, anal toys, and more. Always exploring, the Nu Sensuelle team travels the globe looking for uncharted desires and needs yet-to-be-met – and then actualizes those needs and desires by bringing products to market. Nu Sensuelle’s stylishly packaged, creative, and innovative toys are designed with one goal in mind – adventure – and they are backed with the stability of engineering and the guarantee of impeccable customer service.       

In the words of Barry and Thao, “Nu Sensuelle endeavors to offer the best service and best quality products at competitive prices so that everyone can experience our toys.”

Meet the heart of Nu Sensuelle, Thao Luu-Brinberg.