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      Nu Sensuelle vibrators and massagers are known for powerful vibrations and unique features to create orgasmic sensations. From the proprietary motor that powers the toy to the silicone to the design and function, Nu Sensuelle sex toys and pleasure products are designed for a purpose - to elevate your sensuality. Discover your sensuality with Nu Sensuelle.

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      Nu Sensuelle is proud to offer women the best vibrators and bullets for independent fun – or sexy time with a partner!

      As a trusted leader in the field, Nu Sensuelle sex toys for women are beautiful and contain cutting-edge technology that targets and elevates pleasure. The body-friendly materials and designs are easy to use.

      Elevate Your Fantasies

      Our sex toys for women are incredibly versatile. It does not matter how you prefer to be pleased or which horizons you wish to explore; you are guaranteed to find what you need at Nu Sensuelle.

      New to Vibrators and Bullets? Your Quick Guide

      Many women wonder what the difference is between bullets and vibrators, how to use them, and what sensations one can expect. Some even wonder why people use sex toys at all. We have all the answers!

      Thrilling Vibes

      Vibrators rank among the most popular sex toys for women. Part of the appeal lies in their various sizes, shapes, and styles. A vibrator is used to stimulate a specific area, like the clitoris, with pulses or vibrations. They have settings that allow you to adjust the speed to suit your mood.

      Bullets are simply small vibrators, and they are the perfect choice when you need something more discreet!

      Sensual Sensations

      Since every woman’s body is different, each person might experience vibrators and bullets in their own way. That being said, many agree that these sex toys can produce a pleasurable buzzing, tickling, deep thrumming, or pulsing sensation.

      The Perfect Partner and Aid

      Many women use vibrators because these toys provide intense orgasms and pleasure. This is a welcome aid for women who struggle to achieve the same results with a partner or who do not currently have a partner. Couples also love to use vibrators and bullets to enhance intimacy.