Oral Sex Toys


      We commonly equate oral play to the stimulation of one person’s genitals by another. However, plenty of us love the sensation of oral but don’t have a partner! With suction and flickering tongue technology, our toys reinvent clitoral stimulation by mimicking the sensation of a partner’s mouth!

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      Discover Ultimate Pleasure

      Discover the ultimate in pleasure with Nu Sensuelle's oral sex simulators, where innovation meets sensual satisfaction. Our collection of oral sex simulators is designed for those who seek an extraordinary experience, elevating moments of intimacy with unparalleled stimulation. Each product in our collection is a testament to pleasure, advanced engineering, and Nu Sensuelle's commitment to quality.

      Innovation Meets Material Excellence

      Crafted from our exclusive Hypureon silicone, Nu Sensuelle's oral simulators set a new standard in the industry. This proprietary material, unique to our brand, offers UV resistance, meaning the vibrant color of your device remains unchanged even with exposure to sunlight. Unlike other materials on the market, our Hypureon silicone undergoes rigorous stress tests against extreme temperatures, proving its resilience and durability. It's comparable to medical-grade materials and platinum-cured for single use only, ensuring the highest purity and safety.

      Safety Is Our Priority

      At Nu Sensuelle, we prioritize your well-being. Our products are 100% free from latex and Phthalates, hazardous chemicals commonly present in plastic items, which may break down over time and emit toxins and have been linked to serious health issues, including liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system damage. By choosing our oral sex simulators, you're selecting a body-safe product, allowing you to focus solely on your pleasure without any worries.

      Commitment to Satisfaction

      Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the superior quality of our products. Every Nu Sensuelle toy comes stylishly packaged and backed by impeccable customer service.

      Indulge in Luxurious Pleasure

      Experience the fusion of technology and sensuality with Nu Sensuelle's oral sex simulators. Indulge in the luxury of safe, innovative pleasure devices that are designed to elevate your intimate moments. Shop the collection today and feel the difference of a Nu Sensuelle touch.