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Nu Sensuelle is far more than simply creating toys. It's about reinventing the ways in which people connect with themselves and experience intimacy with others to ultimately find their happy place. Whether a novice or expert, be free of judgement and connect with your true sensual self and explore what really turns you on.

Elevate your vibe with Nu Sensuelle. The most powerful vibrators on the market. Body-safe, rechargeable, and waterproof. Adult sexual pleasure products. Sex toys.
nu sensuelle alluvion sex toy wand. designed for couple or solo sexual pleasure. g-spot, clitoral, anal or penis stimulation. nu sensuelle power. sex toy vibrator.

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alluvion xlr8 wand

Two powerful motors and a flexible handle, the Alluvion is perferct for clitoral, G-spot, anal and full penis stimulation!

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Mini Plug

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This bullet [Point] is powerful and 20 functions. I really like its pointed tip.

Women's Health Magazine the Point Bullet by Nu Sensuelle is powerful with 20 functions. I really like the pointed tip. Clitoral stimulation. Powerful bullet vibrator. Pleasure products. Sex toy. Adult pleasure products.
Jess O'Reilly
Sex With Dr Jess Podcast

Okay, the Sensuelle Point kind of blew my mind, which is no small feat. 

Glamour magazine the Nu Sensuelle Point blew my mind. Point is the most powerful bullet vibrator. Body-safe. Best selling bullet vibrator. Sex toy. Pleasure product for adults.
The 38 Best Toys For Couples, According To Sex Therapists

It's a good thing this baby [Point] is double-dipped in cushy silicone, because it's touted as one of the most powerful bullets out there. It also packs a full 20 settings and 4 hours of run time.

Refinery29 Nu Sensuelle Point is body-safe silicone and is the most powerful bullet vibrator. Packs 20 settings and runs for 4 hours. The Point Bullet is the best bullet vibrator. Sex toy. Adult pleasure products.
Mary Frances Knapp
The Best Bullet Vibrators That Will Show You The True Meaning Of "Fun-Sized"

The Point rechargeable, space-age looking accessory boasts 20 different vibration patterns and variable speeds, so you can adjust it to your exact preferences. And the pointed tip is great for more precise stimulation. 

PureWow the Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet Vibrator is rechargeable, space-age looking accessory with 20 powerful vibration patterns and the pointed tip is great for pinpoint clitoris stimulation.
Karra Cuzzone
The 16 Best Bullet Vibrators To Buy For Yourself

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