Sex Toys For Couples

Sex Toys for Couples

      Pleasure products provide a new level of intimacy and pleasure. From couples rings that stimulate both partners to remotes that not only work from 20 feet away and are water submersible, but they also have two unique functions. The first is Remote SYNC, which allows the remote to vibrate in sync with the toy. You will feel the intensity as you maneuver through the various speeds and modes. The second feature is Multi-Toy Control. This feature allows you to connect multiple toys to the same remote. Now that is a party!
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      Nu Sensuelle is a trusted brand for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Our award-winning company brings you safe, high-quality sex toys for couples that will elevate your date night to the next level!

      We Are Dedicated to Bringing You the Best

      We are proud to present couples with innovative products that contain the best body-safe materials and technology. Each product is carefully designed to meet our high safety and satisfaction standards.

      Meet Our Select Sex Toys for Couples

      Nu Sensuelle has a range of thrilling toys for every occasion or fantasy. Whether you love remote-controlled adult toys or something more traditional, our For Couples collection has something that will please you and your partner – and perhaps even push the boundaries of sensual exploration!

      First Time Shopping as a Couple? A Quick Q&A

      Once couples realize the fun and relationship benefits that intimate toys can bring, they rarely go back. From there on, the possibilities for a deeper emotional connection and physical pleasure are endless.

      But what if you are new to sex toys as a couple? You might wonder what to choose, how to use toys, and if they are really worth the hype.

      At the end of the day, every couple is unique. Only you and your partner can decide whether sex toys for couples are something that enriches your lives. Fair warning: many couples are hooked right from the get-go!

      If you are starting out with couple’s play, it might help to start with something simpler that you can both enjoy, perhaps a wand or remote-controlled adult toys or remotely-controlled underwear. A positive experience can help you naturally graduate to more advanced toys with even more perks!

      Don’t hesitate to start your own sexy journey with your partner today!