Remote Control Vibrators


      Equipped with remote controls, wearables provide a discreet way to experience hands-free pleasure at home or while out on the town. Our remotes are unique to the Nu Sensuelle brand, as they vibrate in sync with the toy AND are multi-toy compatible. This means that not only is your toy a 2-in-one, but you can control more than one toy simultaneously from a single remote!

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      Discover the ultimate in pleasure and sophistication with Nu Sensuelle's collection of remote-controlled vibrators and wearables. Designed for discerning adults who demand both innovation and elegance, our products promise an experience as seamless as it is exhilarating.

      Innovation Meets Safety

      At Nu Sensuelle, we're dedicated to creating pleasurable but also safe and reliable products. Our exclusive Hypureon silicone sets a new benchmark for quality in the industry, ensuring that your intimate moments are both exhilarating and secure.

      • UV-Resistant Hypureon Silicone: Unique to our brand, this material ensures that your device's vibrant color remains pristine, even with exposure to sunlight.
      • Extreme Temperature Durability: Our silicone withstands high and low temperatures, showcasing our commitment to product longevity and reliability.
      • 100% Body-Safe: Free from latex and phthalates, our Hypureon silicone meets medical-grade standards, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience.

      Why Phthalate-Free Matters

      Nu Sensuelle prioritizes your health and well-being by excluding harmful phthalates from our products. These chemicals, often found in flexible plastics, can degrade over time and potentially harm the body. Our commitment to phthalate-free products ensures you can enjoy peace of mind and pleasure, knowing that your intimate experiences are safe from these toxic substances. By choosing our phthalate-free vibrators and wearables, you're not just investing in your pleasure; you're also safeguarding your health and embracing a lifestyle that values both enjoyment and well-being.

      Sophistication and Service

      Our remote-control vibrators and wearables are more than just pleasure devices; they are symbols of luxury and innovation, elegantly packaged and supported by top-tier engineering and customer service. Whether for solo play or enhancing connectivity with a partner, Nu Sensuelle transforms intimate moments into unforgettable experiences.

      Discover Unparalleled Pleasure

      Visit our product page today to explore the perfect blend of technology, safety, and sensuality. With Nu Sensuelle, elevate every encounter into an unforgettable journey of pleasure and intimacy.