Turning it On is a Major Turn Off!

Let’s face it, there’s an app out there for just about anything and everything. So it comes to no surprise that mobile applications have made a cameo in the adult industry. While app-controlled sex toys initially sound like the greatest invention since sliced bread, there’s a reason why we at Nu Sensuelle have chosen to pledge our allegiance to remote-controlled products instead.

There’s no denying that having the ability to control your partner’s toy from your phone is a game-changer for long distance relationships… we’ll give you that. But for couples who are physically present in the same space, app-controlled toys can actually inhibit intimacy!

Bringing your phone into the bedroom is the farthest thing from sexy. Phones can cause a distraction during sex and require both parties to break eye contact from one another. But our remote controls have three easy-to-use buttons that you can operate without taking your eyes off of your partner. 

Not to mention, all of our remote controls vibrate in tandem with your toy, so you’re really getting two toys for the price of one! No more “umm.. Did you feel that?” With our remote-controlled products, both parties can experience the same sensations together and you’ll know exactly what your partner is feeling. 

And let’s talk about the fact that Nu Sensuelle’s remotes are universal! The Wireless Bullet Plus, Petite Egg, Mini Plug, Pleasure Panty, XLR8 Bullet Ring and Bullet Ring all use the same remote. In other words, if you own more than one of these products, you can control them all simultaneously from one remote. Now you can mix and match rings, plugs and bullets in one single session without the added hassle. 

Still not convinced? Let us ask you this… do you really enjoy the idea of having to clean lube and genital secretions off your phone when playtime is over? Yeah, we didn’t think so. And because app-controlled toys likely require you to turn your phone’s brightness up, you can kiss having sex with the lights off goodbye. Alright, alright.. We rest our case. 

The Nu Sensuelle team is a huge advocate of fostering intimacy. While we won’t stop you from using app-controlled products if that’s what you’re into, nudging you in the direction of developing true human connection is what we do best!

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