Knowledge is POWER

How many times have you dropped a weird amount of money on a new sex toy, only to be disappointed with its level of intensity? Maybe the product was falsely advertised as delivering industry-quaking power, but the motor was so weak that it made you question if you ever turned the toy on! Or maybe you purchased your toy with the hopes that it would have a lighter, more novice-friendly vibration, but you ended up being stuck with a non-refundable bulldozer instead. Well, whatever the case, the Nu Sensuelle team are real people, just like you. We understand your frustrations like no other and firmly believe that every pleasure product user deserves to find their happy place.

Yes, everything you’ve heard about us being a leader in the super bullet category is entirely true. But while we pride ourselves on delivering extreme power to satisfy those up for the challenge, we understand that not everyone is on the hunt for wicked intensity. If that applies to you, you’ve still come to the right place!

Thao Luu-Brinberg, our lead product engineer and co-founder, is continually developing proprietary motors for Nu Sensuelle’s use. It’s because of this that we’re able to deliver extreme power that can’t be found elsewhere on the market, while at the same time, ensuring that our products are diverse enough to appeal to a wider range of users.  In other words, we’ve made sure that there's a product out there for every type of user, regardless of their level of experience with toys or their needs and concerns for empowerment.

We’ve even made finding the perfect product quick and easy. To assist both retailers and consumers in better understanding the sensation that each product produces, Nu Sensuelle motors are now classified by color. The motor is identified on the back of the packaging, which is additionally color-coded for easy reference. For those who are already part of the Nu Sensuelle community, our new classification system allows you to find other toys that produce the same sensation as products that you already own and love.

Never owned a Nu Sensuelle product before? We won’t hold it against you. But we will give you a few recommendations that’ll get you hooked on our intimacy toys. For those of you who are just embarking on your sexual pleasure journey or prefer a softer vibration, the Nubii will no doubt be your best friend. The Nubii offers 5 speeds and 5 vibration patterns, allowing users to discover which level of intensity is suitable for them. The product is easy to operate, petite in size and is a more cost-conscious option, so novice users in their exploratory stage can purchase a product of higher quality without the fear of overspending.

Alright true power users, we didn’t forget about you. Our new 60SX AMP motor is our most powerful and compact motor to date. If you live by the mantra, “bigger is better,” than the 60SX AMP Silicone Bullet and Aluminium Collection are your speed.

While the Nubii, 60SX AMP Silicone Bullet and Aluminium Collection are catered towards users on both ends of the sexual pleasure spectrum, Nu Sensuelle offers products for users anywhere and everywhere in between. We are committed to helping you experience a higher feeling of sensuality, regardless of your body type, relationship, gender identity or sexual orientation. Because everyone deserves to have a safe space to discover a NU naked and elevate their vibe!

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