Elevate Your Vibe

Elevate your vibe

Nu Sensuelle empowers the sensually curious to experience elevated levels of connection, intensity, and growth through innovation, education, and inclusion.

We believe in experiencing life to the fullest and are committed to pleasing the full body and spirit, helping you elevate your vibe. We guide pleasure seekers in experiencing a higher feeling of sensuality by embracing curiosity and adventure, while delivering extreme power for those up for the challenge. Our products are developed from body-safe proprietary materials and are engineered with motors that are unique to our brand, delivering unmatchable intensity.

While we are nothing short of being an industry power leader, we are also an industry thought leader, as we are passionate about listening to peoples’ concerns and needs for empowerment.

We are continually innovating our products to be versatile and purposeful, allowing us to progressively break down barriers and open up endless possibilities. We make it our mission to ensure that there is a product on the market for every user, as we understand all bodies, relationships, genders and sexualities. Everyone deserves to find their happy place, and we believe it is our responsibility to shut down preexisting stigma, and create a judgement-free space to foster true human connection. We inspire all users, novice and expert, to explore their sexualities and grow with our brand.

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