Celebrating All Women

Meet Thao Luu-Brinberg. In the corporate world, Thao is nothing shy of being a trailblazer–paving the future of pleasure and sex through her boutique brand, Nu Sensuelle. But Thao is more than just a successful co-founder and chief innovation officer… She is a proud mom, a loving wife, a first generation American, and a woman with a background in STEM.

Back in 2009, along with her husband, Thao established Nu Sensuelle–a brand which embodied her spirit of adventure. Her willingness to take risks and continually innovate has since enabled her to discover uncharted avenues for building intimacy and intensified connection. This overall philosophy, sparked by the completion of Thao’s Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering at Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology, later served as the foundation for Nu Sensuelle’s wider mission. “Back when I was in university, you rarely saw females studying engineering, computing or science. Not to mention, I grew up in Asia where culturally, girls were expected to be more passive and fill a certain role in society. But I was extremely good at math and science and decided I wanted to study something that challenged what I was conditioned to believe girls were supposed to do. Plus, my biggest mission was always to start my own business, specifically one that would allow me to use my creativity to help people. So I chose to go into STEM and have always felt very proud of selecting a field that very few females are a part of,” Thao expressed. “And at that time, Swinburne University was quite advanced in their thought process of supporting females in STEM, being one of the first universities to join the Science in Australia Gender Equity pilot.” While Thao has always had an inclination to chase after her aspirations, SAGE was integral in her willingness to take risks and challenge the status quo. Today, Thao uses this sense of individuality when conceptualizing new products alongside her husband. “I don’t feel compelled to use other brands’ ideas. I’m pretty adamant about coming up with original designs that have yet to be attempted, even if there is opportunity for failure. Sometimes I see products that are completely unrelated to the adult industry and I think to myself...  ‘wow, that could be really cool to incorporate into a new adult product somehow.’ I think having that mentality gives our brand an edge.” 

In recent endeavors, Thao has set out to reinvent the wand category with one of her latest creations–Alluvion Wand. Unlike any other wand found on the market, Alluvion is dual-ended and contains two of the industry’s most powerful motors to date. The tapered handle, equipped with the 60SX AMP motor, produces a thumping gyration that is powerful enough to make users feel as though they are vibrating from the inside out. And because comfort is just as important to Thao as intensity, the wand’s handle has an ergonomic design that allows it to conform to all body shapes and sizes. The handle’s hinge–which enables it to effortlessly bend–makes Alluvion ideal for g-spot and anal play, as well as full penis stimulation from the perineum to the frenulum. On the other end, the Torrent motor located in the wand’s head produces a deeper vibration and is amazing for clitoral stimulation. While Alluvion offers 12 unique vibration functions per end, Thao also developed the wand to be compatible with her XLR8 turbo boost technology. This feature–catered towards true power fanatics–increases the vibration intensity to the most powerful setting, 9,000 rpm, for 12 seconds. USB-rechargeable, body-safe and water submersible, Alluvion is without a doubt one of the most versatile products available to pleasure product users today. 

While Thao’s ingenious designs and proprietary technology have already established her as a pioneer within the adult industry, Thao is committed to continually innovating and finding new desires yet to be actualized. “As a mother, I am a role model and feel the importance of working hard and instilling the power of being a woman.” expresses Thao. A proud mom and woman in STEM, Thao continuously strives for greatness and has made it her mission to break the bias of what women are capable of achieving both in and outside of their professions. Needless to say, Alluvion is just a stepping stone in Thao’s journey in defying stigma and emulating her authentic self. 

“Our courage, strength, independence, determination and resiliency make us magical. Honor today–and every day–by believing in your magic.” Happy International Women’s Day to all the Thao’s of the world! 

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