5 Reasons to Use a Personal Lubricant for Sex

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your time in the bedroom even better, try using a personal lubricant. Whether for intercourse, foreplay, or use with sex toys, this could be just what you and/or your partner need to enhance your playtime and lube up your sex life.

  1. Safer Sex with Personal Lubricants

Practicing safe sex should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. Whether that means using a condom or having sex with only one partner, there are several ways to keep it safe. Using a personal lubricant could also promote safe sex by reducing friction. Some people find sex to be uncomfortable due to a lack of natural lubrication. That’s nothing to be ashamed of! If that sounds like something you struggle with, using a personal lubricant may help. Using a lube may also make sex with condoms more pleasurable, which is one of the preferred methods of safe sex.

  1. Personal Lubricants and Anal Sex

Make butt play better by using a personal lubricant during anal sex. The anus does not typically produce enough natural lubrication on its own for anal sex to be easy, comfortable, or even enjoyable. If that’s the case, what’s the point? Using a personal lube for anal sex, whether that means for intercourse or with sex toys, can help both partners feel way more at ease and enjoy their time together.

  1. Enhanced Pleasure with Personal Lubricants

Lubes are intended to make things easier, and things that are easier are almost always more enjoyable. Turn up the dial on your sexual experience by using a personal lubricant that helps get you into things a little bit more easily. Ideal for foreplay and intimacy, lubes can be used at any stage of the game. This means you can start to have a good time from the very moment you step into the bedroom…or before.

  1. Lubes are Useful for Anyone

Who typically uses lube? Answer: There is no ‘typical.’ Regardless of sexuality, age, or gender, a personal lubricant can be and is used for all sexual encounters, including solo and partnered play. Simply apply it to whatever part of the body you want and get going!

  1. Personal Lubricants with Sex Toys

Most people will want to use a personal lubricant with their favorite sex toy. The key is to find a lube that is sex-toy friendly, like the Woo Hoo Waterbased Personal Lubricant. Sex-toy compatible lubes will generally be water-based or hybrid. It’s also a good idea to look for lubes that are paraben-free and don’t have petroleum oil, as these are mostly likely the best ones to preserve the integrity of your sex toys.  

Get Your Personal Lubricant at Nu Sensuelle

The Woo Hoo Water-Based Personal Lubricant is Nu Seneuelle’s version of the most commonly used sex lube – a water-based lubricant. Our water-based lubrication complements a woman's pH balance. It's perfect for use during couple play or by yourself and/or with your favorite personal pleasure product. This product even comes in an attractive container! With Woo Hoo, you can really stir things up in the bedroom (or elsewhere). This buttery smooth, water-based lube is perfect for enhancing intimacy and foreplay. It is free of animal products, petroleum, mineral oil, and parabens because it is made with glycerin derived from plants.

Embrace your sexual and sensual curiosities with the award-winning pleasure products from Nu Sensuelle. For cleanup after usage, try our Fresh & Clean Cucumber Melon Toy Cleaner.

To learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us at Nu Sensuelle today!

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