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No matter where you are in your sexual pleasure journey, you deserve pleasure. That's our mission to create award-winning pleasure products and sex toys that empower everyone to experience elevated levels of connection and intensity.


Designed to bring you and your partner closer, our beginner-friendly toys spark the fire in the bedroom.
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Point Bullet

Silky smooth, twice-dipped silicone with 20 heavenly vibrations. The critically-acclaimed Point Bullet derives its name from the ergonomic build. Designed with a tapered tip for pinpoint stimulation, it's no wonder the Point is one of the most highly recommended bullets by sex therapists worldwide

Refinery29 Nu Sensuelle Point is body-safe silicone and is the most powerful bullet vibrator. Packs 20 settings and runs for 4 hours. The Point Bullet is the best bullet vibrator. Sex toy. Adult pleasure products.

It's a good thing the Point Bullet is double-dipped in silicone because it's touted as one of the most powerful bullets out there.

- Mary Frances Knapp

The Best Bullet Vibrators That Will Show You The True Meaning of "Fun-Sized"

The Point Bullet is powerful with 20 functions. I really like the tip.

- Jess O'Reilly

Sex with Dr. Jess Podcast

Okay, the Point Bullet kind of blew my mind, and that is no small feat.

- E.M

The 38 Best Toys for Couples, According to Sex Therapists

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NU SENSUELLE EMPOWERS THE SENSUALLY CURIOUS to experience elevated levels of connection, intensity, and growth. Through comprehensive education and one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge technology, we infuse a spirit of adventure into the lives of every user. By continually innovating our products, we strive to progressively break down barriers and ensure that there is a product on the market for every user– regardless of body-type, relationship, gender identity or sexuality. Everyone deserves to find their happy place, and we believe it is our responsibility to shut down preexisting stigma, and create a judgment-free space to foster true human connection. Nu Sensuelle inspires all users, novice and expert, to explore their sexualities, grow with our brand, and elevate their vibe.

Unique & Purposeful Designs

Nu Sensuelle offers a wide range of pleasure products and sex toys including bullets, vibrators, anal toys, penis rings, and more. Nu Sensuelle's products are catered towards couples and users of every body type, gender, and sexual orientation, as inclusivity, intimacy and experimentation are at the heart of our core values. The stylishly packaged, versatile and innovative sex toys are backed with the stability of engineering and the guarantee of impeccable customer service.

Proprietary Motors

Nu Sensuelle's proprietary motors, developed by co-founder,Thao Luu, deliver mind-blowing vibrations that can be felt uniformly across the full surface of the toy - despite the motor's location within the product. These motors, specially designed for Nu Sensuelle's products, allow users to feel intense stimulation in any position. Nu Sensuelle's proprietary motors have allowed it to become a market leader in the bullet category, as the company's bullets are currently the most powerful in the industry.