Exclusive to Nu Sensuelle, Dr. Melinda Myers, PsyD, and CEO/President of Good Relations, Inc., discusses the latest sex trend, "popping," and how to implement the thrilling new technique.


When pleasuring vulvas, toys tend to focus on individual aspects of our genitals and treat them in isolation. Many concentrate solely on clitoral or G-spot stimulation. However, pleasure can come from more of our anatomy than this limited view would suggest. The oft-neglected vagina, for example, also provides rich sensations. Like all human sexual anatomy, pleasure comes from two basic processes. One is increased muscle tension, and the other is increased blood flow. The walls of the vagina are no exception. They swell and change dramatically during arousal, sometimes creating a pleasing suction effect for people with vaginas and their partners—especially those with penises. The anatomy of female pleasure is far more complex than a single point, and understanding how it works allows you to discover new erogenous zones and develop a deep awareness of your sexual potential. 

Like any other body part, vulvas come in all shapes and sizes. To maximize pleasure, it helps to know the individual body parts and explore how each part is interconnected. The clitoris, urethra, vagina, cervix, and paraurethral sponge (G-Spot) comprise the anatomy of pleasure. These structures share a network of nerves that influence each other and affect how each responds to stimulation. Together, all of these play a role in arousal. The components of the vulva are the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, vestibule, Bartholin's glands, Skene's glands, urethral and vaginal opening. (Vulva and Clitoris Drawing.)

As you can see, the vulva is complex, with each part playing a role in arousal. Although all transmit pleasure, they don't necessarily transmit the same frequency. Exploring where you can find pleasure points is excellent practice for experiencing maximum stimulation. For example, parts of the clitoris are easily stimulated from outside the body. This part of the clitoris often prefers a different frequency or vibration than those parts more readily reached through the front and side wall of the vagina or skin of the vestibule. The vestibule is just below the clitoris and slightly in front of the anus. Imagine the area surrounded by the labia minor, and you are in the neighborhood. When stimulating this area, some people prefer a deeper, rumbly vibration—much like thunder, while others prefer a higher frequency—like a tickle sensation or lightning. 

The opening of the vagina provides different sensations than inside the vaginal canal. There are more nerve endings here and in the outer third of the vagina. Compared to the clitoris, many people enjoy more pressure-type sensations deeper inside and around the G-spot. Because the vaginal opening has a unique set of nerves, what feels good at the opening usually differs. When stimulating this area, you can experience pleasure with a method called "popping." Think of the sensation you get when you pop your finger out of your cheek, and that is similar to the feeling of vaginal popping. Toys with a gentle edge, like Nu Sensuelle's new Sola bullet, are great for experimenting with this technique.

Popping can be done alone or with a partner. To try it, first put a little water-based or hybrid lube around the entrance of the vagina. Put just the round tip of the Nubii Sola bullet inside the vagina, gently apply pressure to the inside of the outer vaginal muscular ring, and "pop" it out sideways. Try popping to the left or right to see if you prefer a side. Similarly, try it from the top or the bottom. As long as there is no discomfort, there is no wrong way to "pop!" Enjoy popping at any stage of arousal—the sensation will feel different closer to orgasm than in the beginning stages of exploration. Popping is also great for edging. Simply put pressure inside the vaginal opening but delay the "pop"—this will heighten the anticipation and enjoyment. 

Popping is a great way to increase the engorgement of the vaginal walls and, thereby, the suction effect that is so desirable in pleasure and experiencing sensational orgasms. Want to explore the world of popping? Try the Nu Sensuelle Nubii Sola. The flexible shaft and soft edges make inserting easy and comfortable, allowing for targeted stimulation of the entrance of the vaginal wall—ideal for exploring "popping." Powered by the Nubii motor, the three speeds and four pulsations deliver tantalizing vibrations for clitoral pleasure. The combination of easy-to-use features and subtle texture provides layered and captivating orgasms, allowing you to discover new passions.

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