We are committed to pleasing the full body and spirit – helping those of all body types, relationships, genders and sexualities discover their happy place. We listen and respond to the needs of all our customers, regardless of their level of experience with pleasure products.


Our proprietary motors are the heart of each product and are designed specifically to maximize pleasure and foster both intimacy and connection. Thao created each motor to have a specific type of sensation and intensity. This is one reason why Nu Sensuelle is known for having the most powerful motors in the industry.


We develop with the purpose of arousal, and are dedicated to delivering intuitive, versatile designs that eclipse all industry standards. Every design is developed by our co-founder and chief innovation officer, Thao Luu-Brinberg. 

Nu Sensuelle - Your partner in pleasure

NU SENSUELLE EMPOWERS THE SENSUALLY CURIOUS to experience elevated levels of connection, intensity, and growth. Through comprehensive education and one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge technology, we infuse a spirit of adventure into the lives of every user. By continually innovating our products, we strive to progressively break down barriers and ensure that there is a product on the market for every user– regardless of body-type, relationship, gender identity or sexuality. Everyone deserves to find their happy place, and we believe it is our responsibility to shut down preexisting stigma, and create a judgment-free space to foster true human connection. Nu Sensuelle inspires all users, novice and expert, to explore their sexualities, grow with our brand, and elevate their vibe.

Elevate Intimacy with Premium Adult Sex Toys for Her & Him


Our products are made from our proprietary Hypureon Silicone, specially developed by Nu Sensuelle and unique to our products. What makes our silicone superior to alternative materials on the market is ours is UV-resistant, meaning the color of our products do not undergo bleaching effects when exposed to sunlight. Additionally, our silicone is temperature stress tested for extreme heat and cold, and is 100% body-safe, free of latex and phthalates, and is medical grade equivalent.

purposeful & unique designs

Nu Sensuelle offers a wide range of pleasure products including variable forms of bullets, vibrators, anal toys, couple's rings, and more. Nu Sensuelle's products are catered towards couples and users of every body type, gender, and sexual orientation, as inclusivity, intimacy and experimentation are at the heart of the brand's core values. The stylishly packaged, versatile and innovative toys are backed with the stability of engineering and the guarantee of impeccable customer service.

proprietary motors

Nu Sensuelle is devoted to continually innovating. The company's proprietary motors, developed by co-founder, Thao, deliver mind-blowing vibrations that can be felt uniformly across the full surface of the toy - despite the motor's location within the product. These motors, specially designed for Nu Sensuelle's products, allow users to feel intense stimulation in any position. Nu Sensuelle's proprietary motors have allowed it to become a market leader in the bullet category, as the company's bullets are currently the most powerful in the industry.
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Motor classification: power + intensity

Nu Sensuelle offers 10 proprietary motors with varying intensity levels and unique vibration sensations. Our motors range from buzzy to deep rumbling to thumping gyration and appeal to a diverse group of users.

Products are classified by motor, giving the user a better understanding of the varying sensations. Each motor is identified on the back of the packaging and color-coded for easy reference. Our classification system guides you to the right product based on your preference for power and intensity.

Motor Classification

We developed a one sheet sign showing the power and intensity of each motor and the corresponding products.

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Motor Classification Video

Watch this short video explaining the motor classification system and how it relates to the new packaging.

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motor in store signage

This special signage can be displayed near the products allowing consumers to understand the type of motor in each of their favorite products.

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motor emoji

Download these adorable emojis that were designed for each motor. The emojis are great for e-commerce and social media.

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Training Materials

Important resources for your staff.

  • Training Manual
  • Product Videos

Training Manual

Training Manual includes all product specs.

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Training Videos

Watch short videos on specific products.

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Shelf Talkers

4x6 signs that fit into a standard plexiglass holder. Signs include the features and benefits of the product and the motor information. Eye catching as well as easy for consumers to read.
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Coloring Sheets

Who doesn't love to color? These coloring sheets are a great activity at customer events. Include some beverages, trivia, and have fun!
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Wall Skins & Posters

Elevate your store layout with the addition of wall skins and posters. Check out these great options!
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