Urban Dictionary defines sexercise as “the act of getting physical exercise from having sex.”  While we aren’t suggesting that you replace your regular workout routine with habitual intercourse, we think it’s pretty cool that sex and fitness have more in common than you’d think!

Cis men burn an average of 4.2 calories per minute of having sex. In that same span of time, cis women burn approximately 3.2 calories. But did you know that the number of calories burned during sexual intercourse fluctuates depending on the position you’re in? #Mindblown

“Cowgirl” and “reverse cowgirl” are the two sex positions that burn the most calories. In a 30-minute period, the individual on top can burn between 122-220 calories...depending on the amount of effort exerted, of course. Not to mention, these two positions serve as a great way to strengthen your butt, inner thighs and core. 

Maybe “cowgirl” and “reverse cowgirl” aren’t your jam, and that’s okay! According to, positions like “standing,” “arch,” “doggy-style,” and “missionary” can melt those calories, too!

“Standing” not only helps strengthen your legs and core muscles but if both partners are standing, cis women can burn roughly 30 calories in 10 minutes, and cis men, 51. 

Now let’s take a closer look at the “arch” position. Assuming the man is on his knees and the woman is laying on her back with her hands flat and back lifted, this position can help both partners burn nearly 60 calories in the span of 15 minutes. This serves as a core, hamstring, and quad workout for men. Likewise, women can strengthen everything from their calves to their shoulders. 

“Doggy-style” targets key muscle groups such as your core, triceps, shoulders, and upper-back muscles– with women targeting their arm and leg muscles more than their counterpart. 

Last but certainly not least is good old “missionary.” In the “missionary position,” the woman may burn approximately 14 calories in a 10-minute session and men may burn about 47 calories. However, if men squeeze their glutes or flex their core muscles in this position, they can burn more. Women can strengthen their core muscles by lifting the pelvic area with their core instead of their lower back–allowing them to burn more calories, as well. 

While it’s highly unlike you’ll see a noticeable difference in your weight or muscle definition from simply having sex, that release of endorphins and oxytocin will have you feeling just as amazing as you would after crushing your last set at the gym. 


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