Our Trinitii Sucks...In the Very Best of Ways!

Trinitii oral sex simulator sex toy with vibration, suction and flickering tongue

Did you know that the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and its sole purpose is to serve as a pleasure center? Well then, it's no surprise that 37% of cis gender women say that clitoral stimulation is essential in being able to orgasm.

It’s because of this that Nu Sensuelle offers a plethora of clit stimulating toys. One of our best-selling clit stims, Trinitii, gets its name from the fact that it has three functions: tongue flickering, suction and vibration. But let’s take a closer look at Trinitii’s suction feature.

Unlike other products on the market that use “pleasure air” or “air pulse” technology, the Trinitii provides users with actual suction. Now we know what you’re thinking. “What on EARTH is pleasure air technology and what’s the difference between that and true suction?” Well before you get your panties in a twist, we have all the information you need to understand what makes our product different from the rest!

Pleasure air technology produces air pulses that do not directly touch your clitoris. These pulsating changes in air pressure mimic the sensation of suction. Users have described the sensation to be a tapping feeling on the clitoris that is less powerful than true suction. Our Trinitii does not offer pleasure air technology, but rather gentle, yet firm, intermittent suction. Our clit stim features a wide silicone mouth that encompasses both the clitoris and surrounding areas for a less direct and abrasive sensation. Toys engineered with pleasure air technology are best suited for users who are more sensitive and prefer lighter sensations, while toys with true suction are great for users who enjoy higher intensity. However, Trinitii has 7 different suction intensities to appeal to users with varying preferences. With that said, if oral sex is your jam, Trinitii is absolutely the product for you.

Trinitii - vibration + suction + flickering tongue

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