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About Us

Nu Sensuelle is committed to the creation and distribution of the finest products made from the most innovative technologies and material, creatively and stylishly packaged for the adult toy industry.

The Nu Sensuelle Design Team travels extensively around the world for research and inspiration to create new, innovative and fun products, so there is a constant flow of items to showcase.

Our ever-expanding range of products will include rings, remotes, eggs, bullets, vibrators, rabbits…and whatever the mind can create to fulfil what the body desires.

We will endeavour to offer the best service, innovative and quality products at competitive prices so that everyone can experience our toys.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to introducing you to the Nu generation in personal stimulation.

Barry and Thao Luu-Brinberg



How Did We Get Started?

What do you get when you combine the likes of a fashion designer and a creative engineer? A pleasure product worthy of cult following. In fact, that’s exactly what resulted after the debut of NU Sensuelle's Sensuelle Point Bullet.

Barry Brinberg and his wife Thao Luu-Brinberg began NU Sensuelle in 2010 after making the move from Canada to Australia. “It all started when we moved to Australia,” explains Brinberg. “At the time, we had a fashion manufacturing/distribution company, and on the side we had been doing some designs for one of the major adult toy manufacturers in the USA. Having spent a lot of time in China after developing friendships and partnerships with some of the owners of toy factories, we felt we could put together a range of products that would be competitive in the adult industry.”

After only three months of being available in the US market, Novel Creations proved that their creations really were, well, novel by winning the XBIZ ‘Powered’ Product of the Year for the Sensuelle Impulse.

So what about this adult manufacturer caught the attention of the entire nation after only 90 days of US availability? STOREROTICA recently spoke with Brinberg to find out.

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A Little About Thao Luu-Brinberg (taken from an interview with LOTL Magazine)

Challenging the idea that high end products in the adult toy industry are the domain of the Europeans or Americans, the Australian brand Nu Sensuelle has taken on some of the best brand names in the world and is making a significant impact, proving good design, an artistic flare, robust business model, specialist knowledge and the right partnership can create something special.

The quality Australian designed brand of vibrators and stimulators Nu Sensuelle, currently taking the world by storm, are designed by the Australian Manufacturing and Production Engineer Thao Luu-Brinberg and her Partner / Huband Barry.

We asked Thao how does someone educated as an Engineer end up with an adult toy company?

"My dream at a young age was to have my own business so I made it my job to learn every facet of business, not just Engineering, in every company that I worked in. So when the time was right, I would have all of the knowledge required to run my own business.

When I met my partner in 2007, I knew that the timing was perfect to get out of the fashion industry, I suggested we start our own brand of adult toys in Australia.

Novel Creations Pty Ltd was born in 2009 and started selling to stores towards the end of 2010."

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