The nü SensuelleJoie selected by Women's Health Magazine as one of the Top 3 Sex Toys to Take While Traveling.....Click To Read!

The Sensuelle Homme......

Hey guy’s. I'm back with a new toy to show you that will get your prostate tingling. This is the Nu Sensuelle Homme Pro. I saw this a while back, and was intrigued at first glance........CLICK TO FINISH READING!

The Sensuelle Joie and Sensuelle Point Go Dutch.....

While we were in Holland recently for the Tonga Show, we had the opportunity to meet many new friends. We also had the opportunity to have our Sensuelle Point and the Sensuelle Joie bullets reviewed by Tess on her site TessTesst.

While much of the site is in Dutch you can use Google Translate to read it very easily.

Thank you Tess for taking our products to your many readers!

Here is the direct link to the reviews by TessTesst!  Online Review May 2017

The NU Sensuelle Bunnii was featured in the GLAMOUR.COM May 2017 Online Magazine. Our little Bunnii took the #3 spot in the article 15 Extremely Cute Sex Toys That Will Make You Say "Aww"

Thank you for featuring our Bunnii!

Sexual Health Magazine January 2017 Edition

We are honored that two of our products, The Sensuelle Vibrating Mini-Plug and the Sensuelle Point 20-Function Bullet, both were selected by Sexual Health Magazine in their Top 20 Picks.

The Sensuelle Vibrating Mini-Plug came in at number 11 and the Sensuelle Point 20-Function Bullet came in at number 14. 

We want to thank Sexual Health Magazine for recognizing our products as well as thanking all of our customers who made this possible!

Review: Nü Sensuelle Point 20

5th June, 2014 - Sarasota Today

This 20 function, rechargeable bullet packs a punch. ”These are so powerful you could mix a cake with one, it’s ridiculous”


Review: Sensuelle Point 20 Function Vibrator

27th Feb, 2014 - XTRA CURRICULAR

Sensuelle Point 20 Function Vibrator is a unique, powerful sex toy by Nü- Toys For Adults. We received this toy from our friends at in exchange for an honest review. The bullet vibrator comes in a sturdy box with a clean and clinical feel and a display for the toy sat on its dock. The box unfolds to reveal the toy and in the back of the packaging is the charger, instruction manual and storage pouch. Using the bullet is easy, the slight click of a button made me feel like I held great power in my hands, and the reaction from Miss K was amazing! Almost immediately she writhed around and clung to me with passion. We used it between us, on my balls too and it felt really good on me- it wasn’t long until we switched it off and threw it to one side! She tells me it’s great on her own too . . .


Review: Nü Sensuelle Point 20

13th Feb, 2014 -

Compact vibrators are wonderful things!  They don’t take up much room, can be slipped into your purse for on the go, and can easily be used between partners during sex.  Most of the time small toys are weak, which kind of ruins how versatile they are.  Well, the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is here to set your worries aside.  This rechargeable vibe might look small and cute, but it’s one powerful beast!  So powerful, that it will likely be too much for those who are used to lower to moderate vibrations.  Though there’s a large variety of settings, each of them are quite strong (though not quite as rumbly as some clitoral vibes) which doesn’t allow users to build up to more intense settings.  This wasn’t an issue for me since I appreciate the power, but it might be too much for others.  The size is also larger than a typical bullet so it limits how many ways it can be used.  It’s too thick to fit inside a typical bullet hole, so you can really only use it by holding onto it.  I think it’s an awesome product . . .


Review: Pearl

9th Jan, 2014 - Rachel, store manager

My name is Rachel and I just wanted to let your company know that I am very impressed with all of the toys I have seen by you this far. I am a store manager of a novelty retail shop and we carry the pearl, point and impulse.

I have personally purchased the pearl, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. The motion of the pearl mimicks a finger tip, making the toy feel very natural. And then when you want to add a little excitement, there is a powerful vibration available in one touch. Another huge plus is the length and shape of the toy. It’s wonderful for internal and external.. And as long as you add a cock ring to the base of the toy, it would be absolutely perfect as a prostate massager.

I do intend on purchasing the point very, very soon. Our store just began carrying it a couple of days ago, and it has me absolutely mesmerized. It is definitely the strongest bullet I have ever felt!

Thank you for making new, exciting toys that are not only at a decent price, but rechargeable AND with a warranty!

Once again, I am very impressed.



Review: Nü Sensuelle Point 20

12th Dec, 2013 - Venuspleasures

The Nü Sensuelle Point 20 is a world-class sex toy that will cost right around $100. It’s built in the classic stylings of bullet vibrators but this little number can only be described as a super bullet!

The Nü Sensuelle Point 20 is a modest 8.6 centimeters in length and 2.3 centimeters in width, about the size of an average woman’s middle finger. This slim profile allows for discretion and the ability to take your toy on the go. For even greater portability, the Sensuelle Point 20 is 100% fully rechargeable, no need to worry about batteries! This vibe comes with a charging cable, dock and adapter and be charged from a wall outlet or any USB port. You can literally charge it up by plugging it into you laptop while working or chatting with friends! A single charge delivers an hour of optimum performance but 20 minutes of use is all it takes for most pleasure seekers to reach orgasmic nirvana!

Some of you may have noticed that the first two toys I mentioned so far are a bit on the pricey end of the spectrum. Of course, this is to be expected when you’re dealing with some of the most advanced tech in the modern sex toy industry.

However, the Nü Sensuelle Point 20 strikes a happy medium between manufacturing excellence and an affordable price point. With a whopping 20 modes of vibration, this water-resistant vibe is affordable, portable, convenient and, above all, powerful! Seriously, it can make you hand go numb in a matter of minutes!


Review: nü Sensuelle

28th Nov, 2013 - Refinery 29

If your old-school bullet vibrator isn’t doing it for you anymore, the NU Sensuelle Point is just what you need to kick things up a notch. Touted as one of the most powerful clitoris stimulators on the market, this bullet certainly packs a punch. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so it’s always ready when you are.


Review: nü Sensuelle Point 20

14th Jan, 2013 - Cliterati Magazine

There’s a new breed of super bullet that’s hitting the adult toy shop shelves. Gone are the days when a bullet will only offer three simple speeds. The likes of Rocks Off and the We Vibe Tango from Love Honey have redefined the qualities a good bullet vibrator for the clitoris should include, such as coming to a point so all of the delicious vibration is delivered right where you need it; revving up the power to previously unheard of levels; adding in more vibration patterns than you can count on one hand, and making the unit rechargeable or capable of being powered off bigger batteries so you no longer need to fiddle around with those little watch style batteries.

Super bullets offer all this, while still including the characteristics we’ve come to love: they’re small and compact; easy to push one button controls and most importantly of all can nestle comfortably against your clit to deliver intense orgasms within minutes!

So now there’s a new name that can be added to this league of super bullets: the nü Sensuelle Point 20.

To give you some idea of how powerful this clitoral vibrator is, it comes with a recommendation on the back of the box to only use it for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time because of the intense power of the motor. Having tried it, we definitely advise you heed this warning and, to be honest, we’re not sure you’d even need 20 minutes to reach the Big O when using one of these!

Turn it on by pressing and holding the soft button for two seconds. It begins on the mildest vibration setting, but even this is mind-blowingly intense.  It’s been a while since our socks have literally exploded off our feet thanks to something so small, but as soon as the nü Sensuelle Point 20 comes into contact with your clit you won’t be able to stop your hips bucking and thighs quivering. This is one bullet not to be used by the faint-hearted and as you scroll through the 20 different vibration settings, even experienced players may find this little treasure a handful. Once you’ve had your fill, to turn off hold the button for three seconds.

No bigger than the length and thickness of a woman’s middle finger, it’s mind boggling that there are 20 modes compacted into this sleek vibrator. We counted, just to make sure, and you have the pleasure of experiencing a variety of pulses, waves, continuous buzzing at a number of different speeds. To help you define the pattern, the base of the toy is fitted with a blue light that flashes to reflect the motor mode. Very useful if you quickly want to scroll through to find a particular favourite.

Without doubt the power of this bullet is phenomenal, but could also be it’s downfall, or prevent it from being a regular play mate. Some users may find it too intense, to the point it’s uncomfortable on some of the faster settings – never thought we’d hear ourselves saying that – and it will leave you with a slightly numb hand after. Advice: don’t plan to sit down and jot a hand written note after. It may take a while!

It will also only run on full power for a maximum of 45 minutes after a three hour charge. Such is the strength of the motor it drains pretty quickly.

Thank goodness it’s rechargeable then, rather than having to fork out a small fortune in batteries. The nü Sensuelle Point 20 comes complete with a magnetic charger, which you can either plug into a mains socket or a USB port. Simply plug the white wire into the charger and at the other end of the wire is a USB connection than you can either put straight into your computer, or slot into the included plug with a USB port and then into a mains socket on your wall. At the base of the vibrator are two magnetic prongs, which the charger sticks to and then away you go.

These charging options – along with the compact size of the charging station and toy itself – make it the ideal travel companion. When charging a light around the base will flash blue and turn red when full, so you can avoid over charge and possible damage to your bullet.

With power there usually comes noise, but the nü Sensuelle Point 20 is surprisingly quiet. We wouldn’t go as far as silent, or Lelo standard whisper quiet, but certainly if you’re in a house share, playing solo or shacked up in a hotel, it won’t be the noise from the toy you’ll be worrying about.